Moving on, moving up...

It has been a while since I sat and unloaded my mind of details recently gathered.

Lots of things have changed... Western Digital gave an ultimately unhelpful reply to my request for help with a 3TB drive in a TC...
I will copy their text at the end of this blog.

My aged parents have been round and my Dad helped with a few repair and construction jobs, while Mum was basically bewildered and confused. A decent meal out, a few good jobs done, lots of dog walks and all is well.

Our daughter moves to London soon, starting work and launching herself into the world. We will miss her lots... the last of them to fly the nest.

The Homestead continues to plague my waking hours, S**** District Council continue to not let me know if Permitted Development has been approved, although by indirect means I have heard they did give it the nod on 3rd August. Just how long does a letter take to write and send?

My time on TCs was eating into every waking hour at the weekends and no work on the house was getting done. I seriously did an appraisal of my time working on these things and came to the conclusion I was undervaluing my time hugely.

I have combined my work with P&P charges - so now only one price to pay and revalued my time. I do a vast amount of detailed nit-picking work and my time was being all used up. See the ‘Bottom Line’.

Holidays came and went simply working on the house. We did get a long weekend in the Lake District but not long enough.

Finally I decided on a 3TB hard drive that fits in with what TCs need, that is now on offer with a FULL 1 YEAR GUARANTEE.

WD’s comments below...

It is a shame that you are not able to use the drives in the enclosures that you intend to. The unfortunate truth is that the more modern drives get, the less likely it is that they will work in bespoke enclosures such as the modified Time Capsules you are using. This is especially true in the case of 3 TB drives as they are very new technology that may not be catered for in the Apple controllers that you are restricted to.

You should still be able to source the older, non-advanced format, EADS drives from our distributors as they are still being used for our own RAID edition drives.