Bye bye Twitter

I have just quit Twitter. I’ve been part of it for over a year and I don’t know why. I found no one worth following and if I had I would not have had time to do so. More to the point why would the minutiae of someone else’s life be of interest to me? Again why would anyone ever be interested in this blog? I should probably quit this as well...

Warmer weather - MORE TCs than ever!

Spring has sprung and the half built wall of my house has now got slick triple glazing. What a difference it makes, all the condensation has stopped and I now cannot hear the outside noises. As expected the miserable cold now transfers to the house as a slight cooling of the room. Insulation is quite good.

A local Doncaster conglomerate of ‘energy efficient’ companies were trying their very best to screw money out of any government scheme that would sponsor energy saving and low fuel use, preferably devolving to no-carbon policies, etc, etc. The card they popped in the post, promised all sorts of freebies if I contact them. Cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, photo-voltaic panels, solar-heat panels, ground-sourced heat pumps, double glazing, condensing gas boilers, etc and so forth. I rang them up and chatted to a seemingly very helpful chap on the end of the ‘phone, who took all my details and promised faithfully that someone would get through to me to follow up on my requirements. Within 10 minutes I had a standard product brochure telling me all about why I should cover my roof in solar panels. My roof sides face East and West and the West side is in tree shadow, so no joy there. File it in the bin. Since then I ‘phoned a couple of weeks later to say no one had been in touch with me other than PV panels which I don’t want. Lots of ‘promises’ again. Someone called the day after to ask when could they survey my house for loft insulation? I warned that i have a very low loft, only about 800mm, would that be OK? The girl said that’s what the survey is for. OK come on Friday. A very nice man came on Friday took one look and said “no way”, “health and safety say we need at least 1.2m to work in.” I had said it was 800mm, I pointed out. Could you give me the loft insulation and I’ll put it in? “No it doesn’t work that way.” He left having achieved nothing I had not already warned them about. He was ticking boxes and by the looks of it using his own car. I suspect a minimum wage maybe involved. What a circus!

Apart from that abortive effort, nothing has happened. Handed a golden opportunity to install energy saving products into a house that needs it, to be chased up and STILL do nothing is appalling. I won’t mention the company as there are probably legalities to be observed but they are without doubt rubbish! As ever, I will do it myself.

TC repair fever is still on me. I simply cannot say no when people need help. Lots need help. They are dropping in about 2x to 3x per week, every week. I may have to say no, since energy saving measures on my house will have to be done by me and time is scarce.

Who am I kidding? That is very unlikely to happen.