27 February 2011

My hellish busy week... my rebuilt house... and builders.

Come Monday morning and I must admit to a prickle of excitement! I had been planning this day in my mind for years... To explain, Fio and I have been ‘house sitting’ for about 4 years, each winter as her parents fly off to sunny climates. Usually Houston USA to see the other daughter but that is another tale. Just as the weather would become nose-reddeningly arctic, we would park ourselves in their house and look after it and the resident German Shepherd Dog. They would return in the spring and we would go back to our neglected house and once again life would drop into its rhythms. TCs would be fixed and modified ...

As these winter ordeals went by, over the years (about 3 years), I began to view the house as something to be improved, to be converted to a modern low-energy, high fuel efficiency house. Triple glazing, under floor heating, ground sourced heat pump and a complete rewiring. We must be mad but we decided to buy the property. I can foresee years of building misery and deepest satisfaction at a job well done.

I presently have a half built wall, no windows and plywood wedged in place with planks as the side of my living room. Fun eh? I need TC work to keep me sane.