The wonderful world of labyrinthitis...

Hello Worldwide audience of a few...

I’m sorry I have not been adding to this blog. I have been ill.
This is not making excuses for anything, although I have been knocked sideways by it, I’m just letting you know what has been happening.

I had had a particularly busy Friday that by circumstance meant I had to drive up to just North of Edinburgh, from York, taking about 4 hours, without a break. Visit a site and give a demonstration of the energy management system that I have on offer. All very good, nodding heads, smiles around the room. Eat lunch sat in the car, wander up an old railway track for about a mile to flex the legs and then drive back to York, stopping along the way... arrive home about 9-o-clock.

I felt awful on Saturday, very tired and lacking energy.
Sunday morning I woke early as the room tipped on its side, then flipped back and carried on oscillating like the violently-rolling deck of a ship caught in a storm!

What... I sat up, the rolling continued and got slightly worse, I felt very ill indeed and vomiting was not just a distant unpleasantness, it was about to happen in a big way!

It is impossible to walk to the bathroom because wherever I put my foot was wrong and I fell over. The vision was completely screwed and was flipping back and back and back without anything I did making it stop.
By leaning on the right wall of the hallway, I could slide along it until I fell through the opening of the bathroom doorway.
There then followed a session of strangulated gasping as nausea gave way to rapid evacuation of my insides... for 45 minutes without being able to stop to breath properly. Unbelievable and possibly the most disabling thing I have suffered from to date.

This stagger and throw continued throughout the day until a doctor arrived and diagnosed labyrinthitis. My inner ear balance signals were all screwed up and the message received by my brain is very close to the vomit reflex, when hugely out of balance; so I vomited endlessly.

Some injection was given to calm my addled brain and tablets to maintain the dose. This doped me up and at least allowed some sleep.

The major problem was my vision. It was involuntarily flipping my eyes and making anything I tried to look at zoom around my view. This was so disabling I could only cope by keeping my eyes closed. Nothing would stop it. Sitting up, lying down, made no difference at all. There was also a loud whistling in my left ear, it was so loud it kept me awake for the first few nights. Eventually I was so exhausted I slept through it.

Gradually, oh so gradually, day by day I was able to walk around without falling over. Hugely comic for anyone watching me, I looked like a drunk, without the momentary passing pleasure of drink. I couldn’t even drink with the tablets I was taking.

I was too ill to work and was signed off. I could not drive and even had a problem trying to walk the dog. This loss of balance also sapped all my strength, I was so tired all the time, although that could be the Prochlorperizine.

I was so fed up one evening I had, against all advice, a very large glass of a Bordeaux red... fabulous! It stopped my head reeling, I stopped feeling sick and I slept much better. Moderation in all things, just the one glass.

This all started early November and has continued with a slackening grip until late January. I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy.
At Christmas I had a bit of a TC backlog. I simply could not sit and work at the workbench. The head would swim and balance would vanish.
I could do a small bit of TC work each day, perhaps only 15 minutes and that would be it.

I told a few people, who were very understanding but a few others had appalling service from me, as time extended and things drifted away.
In one mighty ‘splurge’ I finished everything last weekend and posted them off.

To anyone reading this, if I gave slow and poor service, I sincerely apologise. I tried my best. Telling people always sounds like you are making an excuse and simply cannot cut it.

Andrew G - sorry I was slow, I did not bore you with the reasons, why would you care?

The garage/workshop is finally finished and ready for me to move into it. Had it not been raining stair-rods today I would have moved stuff in.
Scotland all next week. And so to bed...