19 June 2011

New Prices!

With hard drives costing less and less I can afford to drop the prices of the ‘upsizing’ option that I offer. This is slightly a reaction to Apple (who shall forever be blessed for keeping the Doctor away) who have recently introduced the 3TB TC and dropped the 1TB.

I have a 3TB drive coming in a day or so and it shall grace my own prototype upsized TC. It has had every drive size in it.
It was a new 500GB TC before it fell over in a heat-induced faint.
It then had a new WD 1TB screwed into its innards, which worked very well indeed.
Then the present 2TB, which has had the living daylight beaten out of it, with my daughter and me both backing up onto it.
It sits under the Panasonic flat screen telly and is ignored on a daily basis. Occasionally a vacuum cleaner brush is waved around its air-inlet hole to take away the inevitable dust.

This Time Capsule has passed the test of time (PUN! Come out with your hands up!). It was modified with my own fair hands just over 18 months ago, so has lived longer with a vent hole and modification that as an Apple original ‘white-plastic cup warmer’.

Various units modified by me over a year ago, will too be overtaking the nominal 18 months of heat induced endurance that the ‘flawed design’ had allowed them. If I have the details I may well send a ‘Happy Birthday’ email!

When the 3TB beast has ‘proved’ itself to my exacting standards, I shall release it as an upsize option - probably for about £295 ALL IN.

A few customers have been showing signs of confusion when reading my ‘Bottom Line’ price section. I have read it through and cannot for the life of me understand why? When I say ‘ALL IN’ - that means you ONLY send me that amount of money and I do EVERYTHING listed, INCLUDING THE P&P. Sorry for the capitals - it looks like shouting!!