Now at long last 'Z Team Ltd'

I have been running this TC fix and modify venture for nearly 4 years now, meeting wonderful people on the way.
I have just passed the 500th repair, which I had promised myself, I would either do for free, or donate any monies received to a Cancer Charity.

As it happens, I was looking at eBay, seeing what TCs were doing, the expected ‘broken TC price’ is absolutely key, if this is your only source of spares and saw a man, who is comparatively close to where I live, trading under the name of something that sounds like a ‘medical man’ with rainbow gay-pride colours. Very ‘Old Apple’ and worth a look;

HOWEVER he seemed to be doing to TCs, that which I refuse to do. He would open them up, fix the PSU and PUT THEM BACK TOGETHER!!
Thus guaranteeing a future repeat failure… (This, he no longer does - wise move!)
However (again) he sells the components that go into Flextronics PSUs, at the UNBELIEVABLE PRICE of (only) £16.99!

My thoughts are, initially, ‘Good Luck’… and then I was asked for some components, to help out a lost DIYer, and it occurred to me that I started all this ‘business’ to help the Apple community with failing TCs. I asked for a token payment for my components, to cover my costs and again some reasonable compensation for my weekend time. Having done that I do the best job I possibly can, blah blah, brag brag.

It seemed completely reasonable therefore, to ask a covering price for the TC components, plus envelope, plus ESR testing, plus printing out the label and posting as a small parcel (greater than 5mm thick, so it must be done this way) at 70p. £6.00 all in, seems OK and in-keeping with helping the Apple Community.

Within 1 hour of adding this to the website, I had my first order!
Next week I received my second for ‘COM’ ponents and this one dropped in at number 500 on my job numbers!

These went out free! My largesse knowing no bounds… only to re-send some more the following week because I had not posted then as ’small packet’ but as a letter.

As things turn out, almost every PSU that comes in for repair now, needs a new plastic cover. I am still hand cutting these in Mylar and scoring and folding to make the complex, ‘inner fold’ on the side of the PSU with the heat-sink. These I seal with strips of Kapton.

I could sell the cases as PSU ‘parts’ but then the personal service is gone. I have found no companies that will score the Mylar by laser, on BOTH sides. One side, not a problem… take your pick… both sides makes it uneconomic to do.

Adding a hand-cut Mylar case has reduced my efficiency in repairing the PSUs but I have NOT put my prices up.
The Post Office have upped the cost of sending parcels both at home and overseas but I have NOT put my prices up.
The TAX MAN (face and bow to the Great and Mighty god HMRC…) completely proved that my business was not-for-profit by demanding all my money saved up from the Eutechnics repairs. This apparently can happen in the first year you declare your income… they not only take what you earned in the tax year but PULL IT FORWARD TO THIS YEAR to be paid immediately!

It goes something like this…

HMRC “How much did you earn last year?”
Eutechnics “£xxx after all expenses.”
HMRC “How much do you have now?”
Eutechnics “£yyy.”
HMRC “Send it now.”
Eutechnics “Er… that seems to be everything I’ve saved?”
HMRC “Yes, that is so. Many thanks.”

Sound of hands being rubbed together…

Thus proving that life contains two certainties… death and taxes.

To stop this from happening again, I was advised by my Uncle (a retired accountant) to Start a Limited Company.
So Fio and I have done just that. Now trading as ‘Z TEAM Ltd’ The last word in repairs (well, last letter… sort of thing)… :-)
This is still NOT my proper job.

I have bought a new TOWER TC, to strip down and report my findings. I’m using it like it was intended, so wait a while. Seems very good so far.

Now to work… more TCs to do. 6x this weekend.