17 April 2011

Enjoy the Easter break! 100x TCs modified... yah!!

I never imagined that it would come to this. I have just counted up all the case drillings (where the fan air inlet is cut in the baseplate) and I have 100!
I had invested in a new hole cutter and it made a neater and quicker job than the old. I was comparing the pieces I had piled up in the corner of my workshop and started to count them.

I have moved house twice since last year when I first started this and finding all the bits was something of a hunt. I put bits into an old drawer of a table, on a shelf unit hidden away in the corner and most in a tool-box lid near to my work top. A couple of those are from my own TCs that were first carved into pieces and never expected to work again. Not one has been ‘mangled’ so I must have done something right.

I have been receiving several emails from readers of the website, where they have asked specific questions about bits that are unclear in the pictures. I have tidied the pictures and amended the text in places... please feel free to email me other suggestions... I make nothing from this, it is for you, the readers and users of the site to guide me.

Enjoy the extended holidays with Easter and Royal Wedding each rolling into the other. To my overseas visitors, simply enjoy Easter!