Apple give a reply...

Hello World Wide Audience of 5. (WWAo5).

I have altered the ‘Eutechnics’ logo to follow the Infra-Red picture taken a couple of years ago, showing the temperature drop my ‘method’ can create. Colourful if nothing else.

All sorts of news on the Fackrell front. Family, the on-going plod of the house extension and wrangles with builders (about to be approached again) and ‘Eutechnics’, this wonderful creative outlet to my troubled soul (I could have said ‘sole’ but that sounded fishy).

My poor demented Mother is now permanently in a home in Northleach. This is miles and miles away from me and is a 3 hour drive at least to get to. I managed to speak with her via the manageress of the home, who had a cordless ‘phone with loudspeaker option. Mum is rather deaf and needs the handset to be blaring in her ear so she can hear me. She was, I had been assured, quite ‘settled’ and pleasantly bewildered in a chatty smiling way. Knowing Mum she would be ‘making the most of the situation you are in’, having no recourse to mental concentration, she was allowing the world to wash over her. Sadly she cannot remember half-way through a sentence what the starting point was or where the sentence is going, so conversations are rather fraught. I spoke to Mum... “Hello Mum, how are you?” well... the floodgate that opened was troubling indeed. I could not get a word in for at least 5 minutes... Mum never stopped speaking so could not hear me wailing down the ‘phone for her to listen to me.

“Come and collect me from here Chris... it’s awful we just sit around and they aren’t doing anything to make me better, they must think I’m mad but I’m not and this really really is the truth, you must come now oh please come now and collect me and make this better and it all go away... but promise you will not tell Mum and Dad...”

and on and on. Where the Mum and Dad bit came from I have not a clue, they were my Grandparents and died in 1981 and 1999 aged, 81 and a month short of 100. For any out there who have parents who are losing their mental faculties, you have my sympathies at the gradual loss of your loved ones. Dad is coming over for the first time without Mum. They have been married, not happily, for 62 years and this is the first time I can remember Dad visiting on his own... very odd. Dad will be 85 on May 25th.

FINALLY after only nearly 18 months of procrastination and professional delay, I have some OK-ish working plans of the bungalow extension and ‘The New Garage’ (come workshop/office/storage area). A happy builder... the first of 3 or 4, will come along on Saturday and we shall talk the talk and walk the garden, pointing meaningfully at the ground. Double garage with big office space and a very long room to store garden stuff and ‘attic’ clutter. (We have no attic space - very low-slung bungalow). More reports as progress is made.

I was of the opinion that Apple (who shall forever be blessed), were just not aware of my teeny-weeny ‘Eutechnics’ enterprise. I was possibly wrong. I wanted to evoke some response from the Mother-Ship, possibly even provoke. I cranked out an email giving the precis of this happy little ‘business/hobby’ I have created. I just wanted to know if Apple could give some recognition of what I’m doing as being ‘useful’ possibly even ‘effective’... I blahed on for a few paragraphs and posted it off to Apple Central Clearing (Europe adjunct of the sub-division for the collective that deals with flotsam such as my email)... I never expected to get a reply. I never have before and I’ve tried twice. This time I did! Well, well.

What I wrote... (lightly edited)...

On 13 May 2012, Christopher Fackrell wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have for the past 2 years tried very hard indeed to offer maintenance on all variants of the Apple Time Capsule.
I believe its design has an inherent flaw, which with care and attention to detail, I have found a reasonable 'fix'.

I 'fixed' my own TC over 2 years ago and was asked by a friend if I could 'repair' his, as it had overheated.
My abilities spread by word of mouth and a small website (given to me as way of payment).  I was not doing this for money.  I was doing this to help the Apple community and as such I believe my actions have been reasonably well received.  

Initially I offered my services for free, for friends and colleagues but was very soon overwhelmed with requests for help.  I started charging a modest price, primarily for my time and requests for modifications came flooding in.  This has continued and increased.

I decided to show 'self-help guides' on my website to stop people filling my every spare hour with requests for help.  I never say no, if at all possible, I will always try to help.  The effect of the guides was even more enquiries for my services.

Demand has forced my hand and a few enquiries, into a flood of enquiries, has made me reconsider where I could best serve the customers who come to me.  I request some recognition from Apple, for the service to the Apple community that I try on a daily basis to perform.  What I do, could be so very much better and efficiently performed with some actual help and guidance from you, the manufacturer.

I am by training an electronics and electrical engineer, a self-confessed perfectionist in all that I try to do and an Apple follower and user for many years.

I would like my minuscule 'business' to be able to perform better and to reach a level of professionalism that would make the 'method' that I apply to the Time Capsule, receive some subtle form of help and assistance from the Apple company that I admire so much.

Could this, in any way, be possible?

Chris Fackrell


What Apple wrote back, copied verbatim...

Hi Chris 
Thank you for you email.

We acknowledge the important work that you are doing, but as you can imagine, we get a great many requests for assistance, not all of which we are able to support.  

Appeals like this are incredibly difficult to decline, but we would like to thank you for considering Apple, and wish you great success.  

Best of luck with all your endeavours,


Nate Fuller | Apple Europe Limited 

Apple Europe Limited | Registration number: 5051046 | Registered address: 100 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6JA, UK | Registered at Companies House, London | VAT number GB 8679 35561

That was the politest put-down ever received. No ‘help’ from Apple, but ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. Oh well... a guy can dream...