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Why won’t blogs obey ne?

Wow, 2TB upgrades are popular!

I can’t imagine what I have done to deserve such attention? In my small room at the end of the house (undergoing DRAMATIC reconstruction) I have five complete time capsules and one base-plate with fan attached and PSU, sent from Romania. Three of the TCs have requested 2TB upsizing. This has always been popular and I usually get about one per month to do but this sudden desire to get big and beautiful on a decent number is strange. I could offer the gigantic 3TB hard drive option? I have a feeling that is just a tad too expensive at present, and really is just ‘spec-manship’.

I have a well used and abused 2TB TC, which my daughter also backs-up onto and it has stacks of memory left. However big a ‘stack’ is? I just checked and I still have 1.36TB left to fill and that is over a year for my back-ups and since July last year for my daughter. I think 2TB is quite enough thank you.

It is always a peculiar responsibility when someone trusts you enough to send two, brand new, unopened 2TB Time Capsules for ‘modification’, to make them run longer, cooler, more reliably and to make them forgettable, which is where back-up devices should reside - forgotten in a quiet corner, getting on with the task of saving valuable data.

I can quite categorically state that Apple have done NOTHING to correct the design flaw. Bonkers; completely stupid!
The PSU is back to the original ‘Flextronic’ type but that seems to have undergone a new layout. The end capacitor that never seems to ever blow-up, has now been exchanged for two slightly smaller units, both physically and in capacitance. Why? I have no idea.

I have repaired some of these ‘new’ Flextronic units and they seem to get as hot as ever before but this time without the oceans of grey silicon sealant daubed all over the components. The grey stuff on the new units seems like a token gesture to placate the customers of DELTA, who make the PSU.

“Does your PSU have vibration suppression?”
“Yes, Mr. Customer, we put a small dollop of grey stuff inside it.”
“OK, that’s alright then.”

The capacitors on the new units STILL fail in the same way. Cooked to death in their own heat. The latest batch however have some horrid 16V end-on capacitors by the small heat sink. In the earlier types, these failed 50% of the time. In the new units I would say 90% of them are way out of spec if not quite DEAD.

Self education continues with me and the PIC chip. Progress is slow but I suspect I’ll be OK.