Western Digital and other strange things...

I tried, I really did try.

Apple introduced a 3TB TC into it’s portfolio! Good grief what a beast that must be?

Yeah, I thought that too. I immediately ordered a brand spanking new 3TB drive from Western Digital (who are the only ones making a ‘GREEN’ 3TB SATA drive - so no mystery there). Hitachi and Seagate make super-whizzy high-speed run-hot 3TB monsters and it may well be one of those that Apple has used. I doubt this some how.

The version I tried out made its almost entire platterage (new word there, beware) of 2720GB available for me to erase and then populate with about 250GB of stuff from my iMac. This naturally took a while, so I went to bed and mulled over the day.

Came the dawn and the backup was complete, Time Machine was poised to do an hourly update, but the disc was still spinning?! I tried various links and jumper settings but this HDD is built for a PC environment, or a vanilla OSX system, not something slightly more esoteric like a Time Capsule. I asked kind things of the helpful people at WD and true to expectation they came back with an answer that sadly leaves me high and dry. I may have to faff around with a PC just to try out some facilities that were not really intended for these new drives, entirely at my own risk. I could buy some old drives, they suggested, since these had worked in the past (2TB WD20EADS)... basically “Tough luck Chris”.

I had bought 2x 2TB and 1x 3TB drives - the 2x 2TB went back for a refund. I will mess with the 3TB and let you know. It works a treat but won’t spin down.

The staggeringly long lead times on the Samsung drives (about 2 months) from my usual supplier, was side stepped and I tried out A.N. OTHER Samsung supplier.

I received 2x 2TB drives and within 2 days had received 2x orders for ‘FMU’ - I feel an explanation is needed here... I write a code inside each TC I work on (126 and counting)...

PSU - Fix the PSU only. (Well spotted... not written inside a TC at all!)
F&M - Fix and modify. Fix the PSU and modify the TC case and fan.
MOD - Modify the TC case and fan only. Do not touch the working PSU.
FMU - Fix the PSU, Modify the fan and case of the TC and UPSIZE the hard rive to 2TB

I suppose I will shorthand the last ‘code’ to be FM2 and FM3 as I work out how to make the bloody drives spin down without having to descend into PC utility files?

I think I’m on holiday... and so to bed.