08 April 2012

Geek rising to the surface...

Hello Worldwide audience of 4 (or 5?).

I decided to break down (and weep) the multitude of processes I have to perform to make a visiting TC into a Eutechnics-TC. How many processes to you think, eh? The ‘processes’ are divided into administrative actions and the whole TC (TC). The power supply unit (PS). The whole fan assembly (FA). The baseplate along with rubber mat (BP). When I first started writing them out, I imagined about 50x possibly 60x. I was way off - 122 separate and distinct actions are undertaken in the name of ‘cool runnin’ (bad Jamaican accent).

The PS has 20x,
the FA has 20x,
the BP has 25x and of
the TC category I suppose 25x of those will be ‘administration’. Surprisingly it is the administration that is the most time consuming and yet probably the most important. No parts from one TC must ever be mixed up with another. All parts must come together to make the complete modified and repaired TC. Job cards must accurately reflect the present condition of any one TC, often in parts, what has been done, what is to be done and who to blame when it all goes terribly terribly wrong! (One part of that last sentence was not true).

I have invested in a healthy supply of very fine-tipped indelible pens and the most obvious places that I mark are on the edge of all TCs I work on (near to the power inlet socket). The owners initials go there. It is THE very FIRST thing I do, when I receive a TC to be worked on. The very LAST thing I do is to mark under the plastic bumper foot - the job number of the TC being worked on - presently about #260. This is always in RED and the initials are always in BLACK.

I have received some absolutely pristine TCs, that have clearly been cherished and not allowed out to talk to the rough boys. On the other hand (are four fingers and a thumb) I have had inflicted on me, some of the nastiest, smelliest and downright DIRTY TCs possible. Not are they scratched all over and have chunks missing from their edges, they have been dropped. Had hamsters pee into them. Some have been in flooded rooms and were full of water. Some smelled like someone had been sick into them - truly vile and took ages to clean up. The reason I mention the grubbiness that comes across my workbench is that one of the ‘processes’ I could have listed, as I usually ‘apply’ it to almost every TC I see, is this...

Into the newly modified and completed fan assembly, and when it is running for the first time with the TC baseplate first reapplied, I squirt into the inlet vent mesh a very expensive eau de cologne by Penhaligons - ‘Hammam Bouquet’. At £60 per bottle and a couple of squirts per TC, I should be OK for about another 200 to 250! It gets rid of the pong that some have and adds an air of exclusivity for the rest. I hope you enjoy!

Personally... My poor demented Mother is now in a home for a few weeks, while my Dad has a rest and possibly a hospital visit for a stent to be fitted. Life in your mid 80s has its problems.