The long holiday JUBILEE weekend

Jubilee weekend was a hoot. I never got into any of the street celebrations but I did manage to dig into my TC backlog. I managed to FINISH everything! This means I have a clear shelf with the exception of 2x PSUs where I must make an attempt at building new plastic cases. i will need to use some thin super whizzy high temperature plastic sheet, or inflammable paper or something like that.
The black plastic surround on the two that turned up for a repair, was so fragile it crumbled like cornflakes. I had real trouble peeling the Flextronics label off, as the black plastic broke into tiny little shards.

This is something I have been meaning to do for some months, but the time has never been right. Where to go and what to use? CIRLEX seems to be the correct stuff but the price is probably more than the value of the PSU it covers... think again. KAPTON plastic is OK but difficult to get in the UK in sheets that don’t occupy a whole garage. I found a company that does fireproof paper that may do the trick. i have to get it cut to shape; water jet would seem best for that and then possibly laser scored for the folding lines. All this costs and I want to keep things sensibly low. I now have enough stock for a few hundred PSUs (buy the correct capacitors in bulk) and not getting ripped off by being sent out of spec components is a real nightmare. It has taken several months to find good trustworthy suppliers that do what they say, send good spec components and charge a ‘reasonable’ price. NEVER trust the too cheap to be true... it has always been the case. I learnt that years ago and have never applied it to Eutechnics stuff.

I have now, very nearly got up to 300x TC repairs. With 15 to 20% being PSUs that is still a hefty number. With each one taking such a long time while I tinker with the bits, it gives me thinking time to work out much better ways of doing things. There are several things I could be doing that will make the finished product quicker to do and be far more consistent. Sticking the rubber mat back onto the baseplate is done with a wide roll of double sided sticky tape of ‘once stuck never removed’ quality. This could be pre-cut into a big double sided sticky pad with holes and screw positions removed. This will cost and I will have to buy about 1000x to justify doing it!

The most important thing I now have is some spare time... I must get to grips with writing some control code to make the fans behave. More anon...

My Dad turned up again this weekend without my Mum. He is coping but the fun has gone out of him. He misses Mum and after 62 years of marriage, who could blame him. He went to see her in her ‘home’ and she was having a ‘good day’ was pleased to see him, could not remember his name but knew he was ‘her husband’. Said she wanted to come home but thought she still lived in Seaham Co. Durham. (Where she has not lived for 68 years). Then said how nice the garden was and showed Dad round. Not perfect, but what is?

Sadly I live on the wrong side of the Earth and I missed the wonderful black dot of Venus crossing the sun. I missed it about 7 or 8 years ago as well. i shall never see it with my own eyes again - a bit sad.
I do want to see a total solar eclipse, have seen a total eclipse of the clouds in Cornwall in 1999. There are a few I could get to see.

And now my tea is ready... thank you Fio! :-)