The slow mind-numbing plod of S**** District Council

The Homestead, bless its not-quite-upright bricks, will be rebuilt in the style of a Grand Design, of sorts. Money is tight, my dreams outstretch what can actually be done... so a compromise of sorts came about. A house with all the rooms I was after would need planning consent. This is known and understood by all; however we are dealing with SDC here. This is a strange and uncertain road. Planning goes through on a whim. Why should my house design have to satisfy the whim of a stranger that will never live within it? It can hardly be seen from the road, it is hidden by trees and lies outside the village boundary. The planning ‘process’ is long-winded, costly and necessitates compromise. I suspect they might go against the alligator pit and the pocket-sized nuclear AGR might make the neighbours do a double take... what is a chap to do?

Apparently, so the clever design guys Andy and Dale suggested, it is possible to create things within permitted building regulations that does not require an entire department picking over my house’s carcass. So the design becomes modest, the alligator pit gets the chop, the AGR moves down the teccy scale to become a ground sourced heat pump and the buildings stay single storey. But no planning permission is needed!

The wiring in the house will be an interesting diversion, at present it’s positively lethal. But that is another tale...