Window sills & migraine

Today the living room window sill, lovingly sculpted from the living MDF (best quality B&Q could offer) into an interesting slightly curved shape. It took ages to get it level and then wedge it in place before hosing super-sticky expanding polystyrene foam underneath it. The foam expands like cumulus clouds and at the edges where liberation is possible it forms sci-fi-esque shapes rather similar to cauliflowers. It sticks like stuff to a blanket (very polite), and by the time it has hardened the sill is solid and immovable. The small piece of support wall at a right angle had a piece of MDF with curved edges that needed to merge into the much larger piece of MDF that is the main sill before the window. Curse the words for being so inadequate to show what has been done. Joining one piece to the other was accomplished with NO-NAILS glue (no doubt a TM has been infringed here - could I care less?) and some cut down chopsticks as joining dowels. The creativity was a delight, until I could not find the white undercoat in the garage. To the store to get, and on the way back a lightning bolt in the head above the left eye - owwwwwww! throb throb and crackle from the lights, any lights, as they scorched into my skull. A bloody migraine!

I have been starting to get these for unexplainable reasons. They seem to happen at almost any time and I have no idea what triggers them. They started over my right eye and upper head. Felt like a bloody great nail was being hammered into the top of my head; double vision and feeling like I was going to throw-up; balance was pretty dodgy as well.

2 hours of dark room and 1000mg of paracetamol later I emerged from the bedroom feeling washed out and very tired.

I took the just bought paint into the garage only to discover three other tins of the same already there! I must have been looking before with my eyes closed! Blind as a bat. OK, OK, I know I needs lots of this stuff and two coats are always needed for a better top-gloss coat anyway, so none will be wasted, but really just how unobservant can I get?

It was necessary to undercoat the MDF sill with at least 1 layer. It must be waterproof when I plaster it tomorrow, or it swells up and looks like Weetabix cereal. (Yet another TM infringed! - caring even less than before).

My reward for such productivity is to finish a mod to a TC and to repair a TC PSU that just arrived. That will be tomorrow as well.

The Homestead advances...