Change of hard drive for the upsizing

The ongoing hoo-har with the Western Digital 2TB replacement drives is driving me mad!

There is an issue, apparently, where the drive once up to speed, stays there and never seems to turn off. My unit from a year ago when I started this upsizing, seems to spin down after 30 seconds or so... so I thought. It may actually be spinning but the heads being stationary and seeking nothing make none of the usually death-watch beetle noises we have grown to love and rely on. The fact that my hard drive has been spinning away from over a year says a lot about how quiet it is and how WD have screwed up the green, energy saving specification that is close to my heart.

I have had a question from Tomasz who quite rightly quizzed me about the drive and these spin-down not happening stories and what was my take on it? Eh eh? Speak to us, oh wise guru! Put our fevered minds at rest!

Tests were made, confusion reigned, conclusions were that the situation was confusing, which did not surprise me.
I am not going to twat about with WD drives any more (NOTE: Engineering phrase used there) until they themselves can be straightforward with how these drives operate.

I have switched to the Samsung F4 EcoGreen 2TB drive. It comes with an excellent spec and 3 year warranty. We shall see.