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Welcome to the ‘Eutechnics’ website.
The sole purpose of this site is the well-being of the Apple Time Capsule.

I will NOT be doing anymore TC repairs from today - 3rd APRIL 2016.

I will keep this site open for self-help, for as long as I can.

To navigate to other pages, please use the heading bars on the top left of the screen.
The headings started out as if you were beginning a journey, say, at an airport...
‘Arrivals’, ‘Departures’, and the rather English phrase that may not translate through Google very well,
’The Bottom Line’ meaning... ’What things will cost...’

It is highly likely that if you’ve found your way here it may be your TC has died and you want to know what to do?
There is a long-standing design-flaw in the past
and present Time Capsules that allows them to overheat.

The latest TOWER version of the Time Capsule, works well and seems to not overheat in any way at all!

Once you understand the internal arrangement of the ‘flat’ Time Capsule components you will see that the overheating is almost inevitable
BUT also it is easy enough to fix with a small ventilation modification.

Electronics should last forever, with a good design, not until they burn and die.

The usual and predictable failure caused by the overheating is the collapse of the Power Supply Unit (PSU).
Repairing it is not a problem and I give details on how below.

Back in 2010, Apple fleetingly acknowledged this ‘problem’ by swapping out Time Capsules that were between certain serial numbers but in late 2011 the reference to this swap-out was withdrawn.

The Eutechnics Logo above, is borrowed from an Infra-Red picture I took comparing an unmodified TC on the right, with a modified (Eutechnics) TC on the left.
The modification creates a 10 to 11°C temperature drop as seen from the outside of the case. The PSU internally runs much cooler than the outside temperature picture suggests.
See the actual picture here.

2x TCs DELTA LHS fan - Flex RHS no fan

There is information on this site that is hard-won and can be used without charge.
If you wish to copy ANYTHING from the site you must contact me FIRST.
My text and images are copyright to
Chris Fackrell. I will be very agreeable, you will find... :-)